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My work centers around the monetizing power and democratizing work of digital content.


It's an unprecedented time in American journalism, and I'm happy to have a front-row seat. I'm able to watch and work the byways of transformation from print to digital, a transformation that is now playing havoc with everything we know about media, journalism and the press.

My writing, analyst and consulting work draws advantage from my serial careers in alternative, mainstream print and Internet journalism.

I now focus on the emerging journalistic world. I write through my own blog, Content Bridges, and act as lead news analyst for Outsell, a leading info market analytics firm. I consult with a range of aggregators, software companies and publishers, as their worlds collide and merge.

In 2005, I completed a 21-year career with Knight Ridder, where I served as vp/content services, vp/strategy and vp/editorial for Knight Ridder Digital.

My national Internet work grew out of work developing Pioneer Planet, the Saint Paul Pioneer Press' online service, which debuted in 1995. While serving as managing editor of the newspaper, I led the development of Pioneer Planet. That experience in the Twin Cities was built on a diverse print career, first based in the alternative press and then in monthly magazines.

Each job has been an internship, pushing me forward.


A - B - C. That's one sum-up that works. A is for Around the World. With my wife Kathy, we've been fortunate enough to begin visiting the wider world in the last 12 years. The Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Nepal, Thailand and two trips to India highlight our farther-flung itineraries, though we wouldn't mind revisiting Andalusia or Tuscany or the Cotswolds either. With our wider family of five, we toured most of the Lower 48, in successive Dodge Caravans, dodging death on the Going to the Sun Highway in the Rockies, nasty black flies in New England and too many family restaurants ever to count. B is for Baseball. It's a mainstay of life for four decades from the Koufax-Drysdale Dodgers of the '60s to the Puckett-driven Twins of '87 and '91 to the bliss of a day game at Pac Bell today. Plus the vernal wonders of Florida spring training, where everything -- nature, rookies, hot dogs -- is green. C is for California. My dad first glimpsed the then-very Golden State in 1927, back from an Army stint in Hawaii. The image stuck, for a boy of 20 who had grown up sleeping three to a bed in a Lower East Side tenement. 20 years later, he brought his family back, and I was the first native Californian in the family. I was born in Hollywood, within the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. Like my other boyhood haunts, Gilmore Field (home of the Hollywood Stars baseball team), the PicFair Theater and Pacific Ocean Park, Cedars of Lebanon was torn down to make way for the future. California has always been about fresh starts. Each generation reinvents its own California, a principle best captured by Wallace Stegner in "Angle of Repose" and reaffirmed at least every 20 years. We take it as a birthright to be able to explore California, from the Sequoias to Mendocino, and make that a major pastime. As the next generation of California gets ready to assume leadership, I've also done what I could to help their preparation. I've served as president of the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Association, helping enlarge student aid and access and otherwise pushing forward with the vital business of higher education on campus. Now as I finish my stint on the Alumni Council, I have joined the UCSC Foundation, intent on finding new ways to fulfill the UC motto: Fiat Lux.